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Why Managers Need to Stop Managing and Start Leading

Although companies might be having some success with Agile at the team level, scaling Agile at the enterprise level presents a new set of challenges – and therefore, requires a different approach.

For example, whereas team dynamics and customer collaboration might be key at the delivery level,  leadership becomes a critical success (or failure) factor at the enterprise level.

So how do Senior and Middle managers make the transition from traditional management to leadership?

And what’s the difference between the two?

From Chaos to Order with Agile

From chaos to order with AgileWhen scaling agile across large organisations it’s not unusual for different teams to tailor Agile practices to meet their unique project needs and constraints. And in an attempt to manage these variations, some companies try to enforce a prescriptive, one-size-fits-all approach to Agile.

But is this the best way to achieve enterprise agility?

In this video, international Agile consultant, author and speaker Scott Ambler shares some key insights for scaling Agile across organisations, including:

  • Which factors to consider when scaling Agile at the organisational level
  • What to consider when outsourcing agile projects or working with distributed teams
  • Which agile methodology is best suited to your project objectives
  • The key ‘Agile’ trends to look out for over the next few years

Check it out and leave your thoughts, insights, comments and/or questions below

Why Agile Projects Fail – And What to Do About It

increasing the chances of success on agile projectsAs Agile continues to grow in popularity, the organisations getting the biggest benefits from their Agile transitions are those who apply agile practices at both the development and enterprise levels.

Because in organisations where management and the development team are not aligned, Agile projects are most likely to fail.

So what do you need to do to stop this from happening on your projects?

Do or Die – Why Your Entire Organisation Must Adopt Agile

In today’s highly competitive environments, more companies are recognising that in order to get maximum benefits from the agile development process it’s important that the entire organisation is operating in a lean, value-streaming way.

In this short video Rob Myers from the Agile Institute explains why it’s in your organisations’ best interest to adopt ‘enterprise agility’.

 (This interview was originally recorded at the Agile Development Conference and Better Software Conference West 2012 in Las Vegas. For more information on the conferences, please visit: http://sqe.com/conferences)

Google’s Innovation & Agile Transition Strategies

There’s no denying that Google are a market leading, forward thinking company. And if you’ve ever wondered how they keep coming up with innovative products and services, watch this. Because in this video keynote speaker and Senior Engineering Director Patrick Copeland reveals Google’s innovation and agile transition strategies.

Have a watch and share your comments, questions or thoughts below.

(This interview was originally recorded at the 2012 Agile Development Conference and Better Software Conference West in Las Vegas. For more information on the conferences, please visit: http://www.sqe.com/conferences/)