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The Agile Response to a P1 Incident

emergencyHow should  a team respond to change?

The simple answer is “they should respond by being agile”.

If there’s one concept about agility that sceptical managers have caught onto it’s this one. When change happens, they expect that a truly agile team will be able to turn on a dime. You can hardly blame them, it sounds like a great idea. It suggests that perhaps managers don’t need to stabilise the working environment. They just need to pass change on. The teams will be able to deal with the impact…if they’re any good.

After all, aren’t they meant to be agile?

Of course, team members will have a rather different interpretation of this. They’ll tell you that agility isn’t about being reactive – it’s about responding to change in a controlled manner. With seemingly limitless demands on the team, and clearly finite resources, prioritisation becomes essential. Agile teams will work from an ordered backlog, and they’ll plan to deliver value by drawing work requests out of that queue. In other words they plan to follow an agile process…and that means things like “Sprint Planning” can still happen.

So let’s ask the question again – how should a team respond to change?

How To Build Collaborative Agile Teams!

As you already know, the agile manifesto places great value on ‘individuals and interactions over processes and tools’.

And successful agile projects are built around collaborative teams.

But what does it really take to build effective teams that accelerate delivery, align business and market needs with IT and generate competitive advantage?

Watch this short video to discover some answers…