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History In The Making – Jon Kern’s Original Agile Manifesto Notes

I just came across a very cool historical agile artefact. It’s Jon Kern’s original Agile Manifesto notes from the 2001 meeting in Snowbird, Utah – and they are available for you to download from here

How To Make Agile Work in Government, Public Sectors & Heavily Bureaucratic Organisations

In March 2011 the UK Government released their ICT strategy, outlining the governments ambitions to adopt agile software development methods. Since then, many are of the view that agile cannot work in the public sector because of the bureaucratic and

The End of The World…

Yesterday The News of the World — Britain’s best selling newspaper — died a public and humiliating death. A 168 year old institution with a reputation for exposing the secrets of some of the worlds most public figures, The News