Mind Your ‘Agile’ Language

ConfusedI recently got back from honeymooning in the Dominican Republic.

It was a wonderful experience.

Except for the language barrier off course. Because in the Dom Rep they speak Spanish – and I don’t.

So naturally, a few things got lost in translation (like the time I asked for a ‘shandy’ and got met with confused faces)

That said, because words only make up 7% of communication, during those rare times when there wasn’t an English speaking person on hand to save me from further embarrassment, I did manage to get by using gestures and facial expressions.

And that got me thinking about how often we use language ineffectively — especially when communicating with people who speak the same language as us.

Take agile transition for example…

Although one of the core tenets of the agile manifesto is: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, there’s still a lot of ineffective communication happening in software shops trying to implement agile principles.

Which often results in demoralised teams being subjected to ‘command and control’ management, characterised by blame and fear cultures.

So much for ’empowered teams’.

And in today’s video, agile coach Steven “Doc” List explains how the words we use can determine the success (or failure) of agile projects and how to build empowered teams by practicing the art of effective communication.

In fact, what “Doc” shares in this video is so informative, it can improve all areas of your life; including work, business and relationships.

Have a watch – and remember to effectively communicate your thoughts below 😉

(This interview was originally recorded at the Agile Development Conference and Better Software Conference West 2013, Caesar Palace, Las Vegas. For more information on the conferences, please visit: http://sqe.com/conferences)

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