From Chaos to Order with Agile

From chaos to order with AgileWhen scaling agile across large organisations it’s not unusual for different teams to tailor Agile practices to meet their unique project needs and constraints. And in an attempt to manage these variations, some companies try to enforce a prescriptive, one-size-fits-all approach to Agile.

But is this the best way to achieve enterprise agility?

In this video, international Agile consultant, author and speaker Scott Ambler shares some key insights for scaling Agile across organisations, including:

  • Which factors to consider when scaling Agile at the organisational level
  • What to consider when outsourcing agile projects or working with distributed teams
  • Which agile methodology is best suited to your project objectives
  • The key ‘Agile’ trends to look out for over the next few years

Check it out and leave your thoughts, insights, comments and/or questions below

 (This interview was originally recorded at the Agile Development Conference and Better Software Conference East 2012 in Orlando. For more information on the conferences, please visit:

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