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Waterfall to Agile: A Practical Guide to Agile Transition

Waterfall to Agile: A Practical Guide to Agile Transition

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“This book was really relevant for me as I’m a developer struggling to get my company to adopt agile. I was happy to find a wealth of practical advice which I could put to immediate use. The style is concise and breezy. With some great examples (such as the agility of the US Marines), great quotes, and some personal anecdotes that made me laugh. It practices what it preaches and doesn’t get bogged down in agile jargon. I consider myself an experienced agilist, and I was surprised to get some lessons not just in agile transition but also in what agile is really about :)” ~ Matt Humphreys

“The cover of this book states it’s a “practical guide”, which you see often. In this case I found it’s the truth as finally (!) I have read a book on Agile that gives me direct usable practical tips. These tips will be useful in day to day work and align with the more theoretical books I’ve read on Agile. Small, comprehensive chapters make it an easy read and a must for anybody who wants to know more about Agile. Ade, please continue to publish books like these and also continue with your sessions on AgileTV, which I also find highly useful and therefore recommend to check if you don’t know them yet.” ~ Ludo Morre

“I have been in the business of Agile training and transformation for many years and Ade has ‘hit the nail on the head’. In a very readable style he has said what most of us in ‘the business’ have realised is the biggest hurdle to transition and has given the reasons and some strategies/tactics to overcome ‘opposition’. But on a probably more important point, he has done this in a short tome (I read it in 3 hours including dinner!) that ‘da management’ will not be afraid to read and as a consequence analyse their own motivations and fears in the privacy of their own mind; this is something difficult to do even in one-to-one coaching situations. I have to say that at first I found the multiple short chapter structure (2 or 3 pages) a little strange but by the middle of the book I had got used to it and actually enjoyed it. So to potential readers I say ‘stick with it’. The book will not give you all the answers – but that is the point of Agile – no one knows all the answers. Well done Ade.” ~ Steve Ash

“Waterfall to Agile helps the reader understand the difficulties that can be encountered transitioning an organization from whatever development methodology currently in use to Agile and how to avoid the minefields and roadblocks certain to be encountered. Ade’s conversational style makes Waterfall to Agile a fast, understandable read, and quickly applicable. Worth your time and effort!” ~ Kanzen39

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