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How Spotify Makes Millions Using This Unique Approach to Agile

Over the weekend, music streaming service Spotify launched a web browser based beta version of it’s popular Windows and Mac apps

And when it is fully live, it could open Spotify up to another big growth boom from a whole new set of users beyond the 15 million early adopters (4 million of which pay) who currently use its mobile and desktop clients.

So what’s the secret to staying lean, mean and ahead of the competition when you’re a fast growing innovative company with rumoured year end revenues in the region of $500 million and ongoing expansion beyond the 17 countries where the service is currently available?

How to Reduce Bugs & Significantly Cut Costs on Agile Projects

Although understanding and defining user requirements is fundamental to delivering successful agile projects, this is often one of the hardest areas to get right.

In this video Ken Pugh from NetObjectives explains the Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) method for clarifying user requirements, improving quality and significantly cutting development costs.

How to Resolve Testing Bottlenecks on Agile Projects

Anyone who’s worked on agile projects will know how hard it can be to run tests in agile environments. One reason is because test cases are not always automate-able. Another reason is because sometimes tests can fall outside the current sprint.

In this video agile consultant Bob Galen shares some proven techniques for making agile testing easier.

(This interview was originally recorded at the Agile Development Conference and Better Software Conference West in Las Vegas. For more information on the conferences, please visit:

The Case Against Agile: Ten Perennial Management Objections

If you’re struggling (or have ever struggled) to overcome senior management’s objections or resistance to agile, here’s something you might find very useful:

The Case Against Agile: Ten Perennial Management Objections

Objections 2, 3 and 7 are the most common ones I’ve experienced over the years.

How about you?



How To Estimate Agile Projects

I’m currently at the Agile Development West Conference in Caesars Palace Las Vegas, and here’s something I picked up from a session on agile estimation & planning with keynote speaker David Hussman earlier today:

“For years people have been trying to “get better at estimating”. The want to be better at estimating assumes that the future is like the past, and all work can be meaningfully estimated. Instead of worrying about learning how to estimate, focus on learning from estimates. Learning from estimates refocuses estimation on learning what you do and do not know. You can’t accurately estimate what you do not know well, but you can learn from the variation in your estimates.”

Personally, I think this statement concisely sums up how we should be approaching the agile estimation process moving forward. And hopefully it will prove useful for anyone who has ever worried or lost sleep over how accurate their project estimates have been in the past.

Speaking of sleep, the time here in Las Vegas is now 11:41 pm and it’s time for me to go to sleep because tomorrows going to be another busy day.

Happy estimating!

Ade Shokoya