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The ‘Dysfunctional Agile’ Trap


The growth of Agile in the public and private sectors has led to many cases of dysfunctional Agile – where organisations are mechanically going through the motions, but are failing to realise the benefits Agile has to offer.

At best, those companies that fall foul of the dysfunctional Agile trap are finding it frustratingly hard and costly to transition to Agile; at worst they’re losing significant market share.

And when this happens, ‘Agile’ gets the blame.

The Problem With Agile…

AngerA common problem I constantly encounter with people and organisations struggling to get Agile to work for them is this…

They’re focusing on the wrong things – whilst ignoring the key fundamentals that make Agile work.

Now, if your goal is just to slap a few ‘Agile’ labels on what you’ve always been doing, and you have no desire to reap the Agile benefits of higher profits, lower costs, improved quality and quicker time to market, then I wish you well…

…Just remember that Einstein defines madness as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

But if you recognise that in today’s fast paced, highly competitive business world, agility is not only essential for retaining market share and business survival, done properly, it can also give your company a significant competitive advantage, lower risk exposure and earlier return on investment, then watch this video…

How Top Companies Use ‘Agility’ To Gain a Competitive Edge

A great example of how market leading companies are using ‘agile’ philosophy to dominate their industries:

Netflix Shares Internal Presentation on Company Culture

[slideshare id=1798664&doc=culture9-090801103430-phpapp02]

History In The Making – Jon Kern’s Original Agile Manifesto Notes

I just came across a very cool historical agile artefact.

It’s Jon Kern’s original Agile Manifesto notes from the 2001 meeting in Snowbird, Utah – and they are available for you to download from here

An Introduction to Agile Software Development

There’s no doubt that Agile software development is becoming more widespread by the day. Facebook, Apple, Mircosoft, Google and NASA are all doing it. In fact, so is any company wanting to do well in today’s world of rapid change and continuing aggressive competition.

However, as many companies have found at great expense, ‘going Agile’ is not easy. And there are a number of reasons why.

In this short video, you’ll learn what is Agile software development (without the jargon) and how it can benefit you.